Jakiba® provides patients with information about their disease and also enables family members to become involved. Jakiba is monitored by a doctor.

Jakiba is an interactive tool that invites involvement.

It encourages people to think for themselves and to ask questions. This fosters an understanding of disease mechanisms and of the importance of adhering to treatment decisions. Jakiba addresses the needs of all the relevant specialist professional groups and speaks to every generation. It creates a platform via which information can be imparted in an objective and contemporary way.



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Health and illness are important matters that should be addressed by everyone. There is much to discover which may be of considerable importance in later life. Jakiba enables this process to take place via the medium of play and provides answers to many questions.


Lifelong learning and an understanding of basic medical principles are important prerequisites for avoiding disease. If illness does occur, they are equally important in terms of managing conditions better and of being able to lead a life which is virtually free of restrictions. Jakiba assists by offering simple explanations for complex facts and circumstances.


It is very interesting to know how the body works. Such an understanding can, however, also be extremely helpful. Many correlations are difficult to grasp the first time you come across them. Jakiba allows you to work at your own pace to expand your knowledge in a number of fascinating areas.


Sometimes it is easier if contents are read out loud. Jakiba is an interactive instrument which combines the benefits of a conventional book with the innovations of a digital world which we are only just beginning to embark upon. Regardless of whether you prefer to read or listen, Jakiba will provide you with all the information and explanations you need.

Digital, user oriented and adaptable

Jakiba® is a digital technology which is also highly user friendly. The initial impression gained is that it is not a digital tool at all, and this means that no reservations are experienced.

One package but many contents Jakiba is informative, interactive and above all integrative.

Health literacy is the ability to obtain information on an illness or disease and to classify this knowledge in an appropriate and correct way. Such a skill is increasingly growing in significance, especially at a time when nursing and medical resources are becoming ever scarcer, because it guarantees that people will be able to assume responsibility for themselves. Patients and their family members gain a better understanding of where a disease comes from, of the effects it produces and of how to live with it. For this reason, we have compiled a complete package. Jakiba is a set which comprises an interactive book and a memory game which can be played by blind and normal-sighted persons alike.

Awards & nomination

Jakiba® wins the Vision.A Silver-Award in the App&Co. category.

Jakiba® is nominated for the Shortlist of the Comprix Awards in the category „Free submissions“